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Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent | Kaitlyn Griffin

Christmas is a good time to remember the less fortunate around us. I often think about those who won’t be having a good Christmas, because of things like poverty and homelessness. At this point in my life, I unfortunately don’t have the means to help these people very much. I don’t have much money to give, and I have next to no time to offer. I have plenty of ideas about how I would like to help when I’m older, though. 

The best thing I can do right now is pray. Some people would say that praying doesn’t really do much, but I believe it has more power than people give it credit for. I pray that God will inspire those with the means to help those less fortunate. I pray that God will inspire me to use the means I do have to help in whatever ways I can. 

There are plenty of things in this world that we need saving from, whether it be war and crime, broken homes and relationships, or corrupt governments and societies. It can often seem pretty hopeless. When it seems like there is no point in trying anymore, the best thing to do to get back on track is to pray to God. Ask Him for guidance in navigating this perilous world. Ask for the inspiration to give everything you can to help others. Even the smallest of actions can make a huge difference, even if you can’t see it in that moment, or ever.

Christmas is a good time to make this kind of change. The season is all about new life. So why not try to make a new life for yourself and others around you? Getting gifts on Christmas will always make me happy, but not as happy as I feel when I help someone in need. That will last longer than whatever material things I get.

Lord, help us to see the hope in the world around us. Give us the power to make a difference, so that with your guidance, we can save ourselves and others from living desolate lives. Help us to see that a new beginning is never too late. 


-Kaitlyn Griffin